4 Acronyms To Better Understand Snapchat Advertising

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2 min readSep 5, 2020

Corkboard Concepts, a data-driven marketing company, provides definitions for popular marketing acronyms and terms to help marketers and businesses better understand the world they operate in. In publishing these terms, Snapchat advertising acronyms have quickly come to the front of the mix, with a lot of interest and uncertainty around this social media platform.

Here are a list of 4 of our most popular Snapchat acronyms by organic search on our website:

What Does eCPSU mean?

eCPSU stands for effective Cost Per Swipe Up. Similar to clicks on other platforms, actions taken on Snapchat are “Swipe Ups”. eCPSU is a measure of cost efficiency for actions. The calculation of eCPSU is the total cost of the campaign, divided by the number of “Swipe Ups”.

What does paid eCPMR mean?

Paid eCPMR stands for the cost per thousand people reached, in paid Snapchat advertising. Similar to eCPSU, this is an cost-based metric for efficiency, but rather than being focused on actions or engagements, it is instead focused on reach. To calculate eCPMR, a business simply takes the advertising dollars spent and divides by the total number of people reached, multiplied then by 1,000 (M).

eCPI Stands For effective Cost Per App Install

eCPI is a conversion based advertising metric on Snapchat, geared towards the download or installation of an app. In order to track the effectiveness of a business’s advertising spend and calculate the eCPI, the business can simply take the advertising dollars spent and divide that by the number of new app installs.

eCPS Stands For effective Cost Per Share

eCPS is easy to confuse with effective Cost Per Swipe Up (eCPSU), because of the close resemblance in the acronym (just one letter difference) and because it is also a metric of cost efficiency. As eCPSU is focused on the cost per swipe up actions, eCPS is focused on the cost of sharing content. eCPS is calculated by taking the cost of advertising, divided by the total number of shares.

More Digital Marketing Acronyms

You can always find more acronyms and terms at CorkboardConcepts.com. Our team comes across dozens of terms and acronyms a month that we feel helpful to our team, clients and the advertising community at large. If there are ever any terms you are looking for, please let us know or if you have any questions on these terms, ask away in the comments!



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