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3 min readFeb 1, 2022

Attracting new talent has become increasingly difficult over the last several years. With the number of job vacancies across the US, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make sure that your position is the position that a good job candidate chooses.

The right person, right place and right time has never meant so much.

There are a number of factors that drive a successful recruitment strategy but understanding where your audience is and what drives them to make employment decisions is required from a foundational stance.

70% of all job searches begin on Google

  • Get in front of ACTIVE candidates with Google Jobs and Google Ads
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Corkboard Concepts leverages Job Posting Schema — the structured markup language Google requires for automatically placing jobs on their Google Jobs pane. This leverages SEO best practices but focuses on organic placements specifically for recruitment visibility.

Paid search advertising (PPC/SEM) is one of the quickest means to reach ACTIVE JOB SEEKERS. Using intent-based keywords, Corkboard Concepts puts your recruitment message in front of the right people, at the right time.

73% of millennials found their last position through Social Media

  • Social media makes for one of the most impactful areas in recruitment, especially among Passive Job Seekers.
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Corkboard Concepts leverages social media to target candidates, communicate employment benefits and justify company culture. Social media is such an integral part of every day life that people use to keep up with information, get recommendations and gain validation.

As a media outlet, Social Media is an area of higher engagement than almost any other across digital and traditional media making it a necessity for placement. Learn how you can better place content on social media to attract new talent and to solidify your position as a brand.

90% of all job searches begin on mobile

  • How does your website/recruitment page work on mobile devices?
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A responsive website is only the start to meeting your audience on mobile. Consider the application process. Ensure your application process meets these behaviors! Most applicants do not have their resume on their phone, unless the application process is linked to Indeed or LinkedIn. Meet your candidates on the platform they are on and make it easy to apply!

Consider simplified application processes, discussion-styled applications or reminders.

77% of candidates say Company Culture is the leading factor

  • Does your company prominently display it’s culture in recruitment areas?
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Focus on building your brand’s story, employee engagement and employer reputation. Content determines your brand image and the better production of imagery and video sells your business as an employment destination. Reaching out to employees to better understand their needs, wants and behaviors helps continue to retain them as employees and project behaviors to prospective employees.

Recruitment Marketing Audits

The best way to progress with your recruitment marketing is to understand where you are currently at. Recruitment Marketing Audits are the best way of doing so. Get a snapshot of your company’s individual profiles, including:

Digital Recruitment Marketing Scorecard

Recruitment Marketing Audit Checklist:

  • Website ease of use
  • Google Jobs placements
  • Social Media performance
  • Company Culture visibility
  • Employer Reputation
  • Recruitment Platforms positioning



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