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3 min readAug 11, 2023

There are thousands of local directories that exist out there, with more popping up and fading away each day. In this article, we have compiled 8 of the best directories for local SEO. Directories are a great way to improve visibility and compile a listing that others can easily access. For local SEO, a directory will include the name and URL of the website.

Aside from improving your local SEO, these can also improve your rankings on search engines because the listings usually link back to your site. You may find yourself higher up and easier to find each time you are added to a directory. Here are some websites you can use to get your name on the map consistently.

The Best Directories For Local SEO

Google Business Profile, or Google My Business, allows you to be listed directly in search results and the local pack. A Google Business Profile includes your NAP, photos, business hours, customer reviews, and more!

This is a great directory to start getting your business listed! You just claim your business, add your listing information, and verify your business! It is a completely free service, so no need to get that wallet out for this website!

Superpages is an online directory site for various business categories. Individuals can start with location and occupation, and then narrow down from there. A Superpages listing includes your NAP, business hours, and website.

You may have used Apple Maps before, but did you know it can also act as a directory? Apple Maps is one of the best directories for local SEO because it is free to access for everyone, easy to use, and can show exactly how to reach your business.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one of the best directories for local SEO because it provides consumers with articles, reviews, and businesses that people can trust. They have many different features like customer reviews and scam trackers to ensure they have credible business features.

Facebook is a great directory to use for local SEO. You can add all the information you need for your customers to reach you while posting content to advertise for yourself! If you need help creating a marketing strategy for your business, Corkboard Concepts can help build you a stronger and better brand.

Another one of the best directories or local SEO is Foursquare. This website uses a cloud-based location technology platform for unlocking the power of places and movement. They use your location to find what you want in your area.

Lastly, Yelp is one of the best directories for local SEO. Yelp is well known for its reviews, but it is a perfect platform to get your business within reach of your customers. Have some of your loyal customers add reviews to give your business a good reputation and credibility in your community.

It is important to get your business on these directories to build up a presence in your community. It is critical not only for visibility purposes but also for SEO purposes. Add your business to these directories today to watch your customer base grow!

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